Catch the Spirit of Appalachia
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Saving our heritage one leaf, one book at a time
Catch the Spirit of Appalachia now has a website devoted to the sale of some of the books listed below, giving you the option of purchasing the books and learning about the authors. Currently we are working on our 104th book.  As time permits, more of the authors will be listed on the site.  To check out the site, go to

If interested in purchasing a book not listed on, please email:

For information on publishing your own book, email Amy at
For information about writing your own book, go to Writing Workshops within this site.
For information about illustrating your own book, go to Visual Art Workshops within this site.

To purchase books selected from the list below, go to:

Ammons Communications Publishers
Imprint:   Catch the Spirit of Appalachia, Inc.

Published Books in order of publication date

To view our published books please click on links listed below:

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