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Published Books in order of publication date

1.  I Am Somebody, The Story of Tony Queen         (Out of Print)               
ons Communications, LTD, 1996)
In March
of 1994, at the age of 24, Tony Queen, a North Carolina mountain boy was beaten and tortured, forced to endure a week of unspeakable pain and to perform indecent acts beyond all reason. He was placed unconscious into a 2' x 4' trailer closet and the door nailed shut. This account of Tony Queen's life (and death) also has 15 interviews with those who knew him before and after his tragic death at the hands of seven "friends." ISBN #0-9651232-0-0

2.  Songs of the Soul             $5.00
Marie Jovich     (1988)
Book One:   Marie’s talent surfaced when she became handicapped and paralyzed. After a period of years, she learned to live with the frustration of being completely immobile. She then acquired peace of mind. With the help of others, Marie began to write inspirational poems--poems that rose out of heart and soul. Marie caught the spirit from within without even leaving her bed. Marie Jovich lived in Chicago, IL.This book was written to commemorate Chicago’s St. George Church’s 85th Anniversary.

3.  Gentle Breath             $5.00
Marie Jovich       (1992)
Book Two: Inspirational poetry that speaks of a woman’s soul as she lies in bed not able to move any muscle except her neck and head. The words came into her mind, she repeated them over and over to memorize, and then her companion wrote them down for her. 

4.  Beneath the Balsams         $10.00
Joy Phillips Hoyle     (1996)
Joy has written about her family and their way of life as she knew it in the late 1940's and 1950's.   As you read her stories and poetry, you will meet a mountain family with close ties and values molded into her at a young age and have remained with her through the years. "Life at the old homeplace consisted of no electricity, nor indoor plumbing until several years after I grew up.   It was there, beneath the balsams, four miles below the Blue Ridge Parkway, I learned the importance of hard work, discipline and doing God's will in His green cathedral." ISBN #0-9651232-1-9

5.  Tales of Grandpa and Gum Branch            $15.00
Russell Groover     (1997)
As a young boy, Russell grew up in Liberty County, Georgia in a little town called Gum Branch.   He loved his grandpa; he loved the humor and spirit of that generation.   "I can still see the spirit of the people who settled the area almost two hundred years ago in their descendants—ambitious, honest, hard-working people who are the backbone of this country.   Over the years when I have felt that our nation has lost the values that once made it great,   I have returned here and seen that those values are still alive and well, and I have realized that as long as small communities like this survive, our country will also."   A humorous, fun-loving book, Tales of Grandpa and Bum Branch gives us entertainment at its best. ISBN #0-9651232-2-7

6.  Sleep with the Wolf; Walk with the Bear         $15.00
Carolyn Cheatham       (1998)
This is a true story of one Native American woman's spiritual journey.   As with many women reaching middle age, she felt as if she was on the down hillside of her life, only to find herself on an upward climb to a rebirth.   "Sister Wolf, Brother Bear...lost in my shadow, I did not hear your footsteps. Were you the whispers I heard in the night?   Were you the rustle in the trees?   Have you been with me all my life?" ISBN #0-951232-4-3

7.  Bringing Home the Wedding             $24.95
Elisa Gaye Wagoner           (1998)
in the child of Elisa Gaye Wagoner, a designer and manufacturer of clothing for the romantic poetic woman.   This book gives brides and grooms detailed instructions for a dream wedding on their own terms and within their budget without stress.   The handbook highlights preparing the home and outdoor wedding site, self-catering, complete menus and 35 tested recipes, custom sew-it-yourself wedding accessories, a beautiful wedding for under $2000 and more! ISBN #0-9651232-5-1

8.  Handed Down then Passed Around             $10.00
Joy Phillips Hoyle           (1999)
In this her second book, Joy continues as the little girl who grew up on the Beech Flat at the head of Caney Fork in Jackson County. Within the pages of this book, in the style of a mountain "Erma Bombeck" Joy is entertainingly sharing and handing down her memories, her stories, her wisdom.   It is up to you, the reader, to pass it around.   ISBN #0-951232-6-X

9.  Appalachian Traditions            $15.00
lesa w. postell                 (1999)
Mountain Ways of Canning, Pickling & Drying—lesa w. postell is a mountain woman who has chosen to keep the traditions of her people, living peacefully with nature in the mountains of blue smoke.   She says, "The stories and teachings of the people of this region are still present, yet vaguely heard.   I fear for this great heritage, that this heritage may be lost forever.   With this book, I am doing my best to assure the preservation of a lifestyle and heritage known by few in this modern world."   ISBN #0-9651232-7-8

10.  Seeing is Sometimes Believing      $6.95
A Story of the Cherokee
Davada L. Long                                 (2001)
A Native American boy, Tsa-Ni (Johnny), from the Great Smokey Mountains shares his mountain home & grandparents with the book's audience.   When Tsa-Ni's grandfather becomes very ill and leaves home to recover, the grandfather tells the boy he will watch over him while he is gone.   This book illustrates just how the grandfather accomplishes this, to the amazement of the young Cherokee boy.

11. A Pinch from the Little Brown Jar         $15.00
Linda Owen Vinson             (2001)
Memories and Recipes from the Mountain—Winner of hundreds of First Place blue ribbons for her canning, baking, sewing, photography, arts and crafts, Linda Owen Vinson has shaped her life with her own hands.   Her rendition of life amid her cooking represents a single mother doing the best she could for her children, with definite handicaps other people may not have experienced.   And in among it all, she created "cathead" biscuits, green beans and 'taters, chicken 'n' dumpling, chicken pot pie, southern fired chicken, fluffy banana pudding...and much more, all mixed with a pinch from the little brown jar.   Read the book and find out just what is in that little brown jar!   ISBN #0-9651232-9-4

12. Gold Dust             $5.00
Marie Jovich       (2002)
Book Three: This volume of poetry is the harvest of Marie’s contemplative prayer.   Though confined to her bed, she has touched all who read her work.   She offers us her poetry as a way of bringing the Gospel home to each one of our hearts in a way that nourishes our faith, inspires our lives and connects us to one another.   (Father Arturo Perez Rodriguez, St. George Church.)

13.  White Feather               $14.95
by Nancy McIntosh Pafford       (2004)
The story of the life and times of a young Cherokee woman and her courageous determination before, during and after the Trail of Tears exile of the Cherokee People. Told through the eyes of a sensitive storyteller, White Feather follows the historical facts of the removal of the Cherokee in 1838, at the same time giving the reader a view of the human experience by allowing us to participate. "White Feather came over the mountains and rode the wind alongside me a   story to tell...her story." 
ISBN #0-9753023-0-2

14.  Memories of Merritt Island               $21.95
by Gail Briggs Nolen                 (2005)
Through pictorial history beginning in the late 19th century, this book follows one family’s journey from Germany to a new life homesteading in the isolated wilderness and swampland of Merritt Island, Florida. Learn how the members of this family were affected when their land and homes were taken by NASA to become part of the Kennedy Space Center.   ISBN #0-9753023-1-0

15.  Sterlen, and a Mosaic of Mountain Women   $16.00
by Amy Ammons Garza                 (2005)
Sterlen Galloway, the man whom Garza writes about in this her third novel based on her family , is about a
musically gifted mountain man who has lived all of his forty-eight years in the backwoods, visiting home after home carrying his banjo, his songs and his stories. But then Sterlen meets Martha Ammons, Tom Ammons’ eldest daughter, and love thrusts this man of music and song into the darkness of an abused woman’s emotional pain. The book “Sterlen” continues to share authentic stories of the Ammons and Owen families, plus lists their lineage in the back of the book.   ISBN 0-9753023-2-9

16.  Catena              $19.95
by Calumet Region Writers       (2005)
The poems, essays, and fiction in the pages of Catena lace together the experiences of all generations: love and loss, the joy of friendship and family, the scars of abandonment, and the triumph of survival. But art takes into account the routine and rumination of everyday life, too. With seriousness and humor, these writers consider a drive into the city, the sensations of fitness walking, an unexpected rival in love, and irritation at the popular tendency to use nouns as verbs. The experiences are divergent and individual, but the themes under which they unite are not. The voices we hear in Catena speak for us all.   ISBN #0-9753023-35100

17.  The Life and Times of Mary Jane Queen       $10.00
by Mary Jane Queen       (2005)
This book with her artwork, her old photos, her stories, is written entirely by Mary Jane. It’s as if you’re sitting there with her on the porch being transported back in time. She tells it the way it was, with her insights, humor and wonderful depth of memory. With ninety years behind her—of living on the land, working with her hands, birthing and raising eight children, making her own music—this woman of the mountains is an Appalachian heritage treasure for Western North Carolina.   She’s the true spirit of Appalachia!   ISBN #0-9753023-5-3       

18.  Cherokee Rose                           $12.95

by Nancy McIntosh Pafford       (2006)
Cherokee Rose is the sequel to White Feather, who along with her family, was taken from the mountains to walk the Trail of Tears, eventually to return to her homeland years later. Cherokee Rose, great granddaughter of White Feather, faces a similar trail as she, an orphan, learns of her Cherokee Heritage, and in doing so, discovers a new destiny.  ISBN #978-0-9753023-5-4

19.  The African Americans in Jackson County         $21.95

A Pictorial History — From Slavery to Integration
by Victoria A. Casey McDonald               (2006)
A pictorial history book featuring the African Americans of Jackson County (pictures beginning in the 1700s) written by Victoria A. Casey McDonald, Educator for Jackson County Schools.  Included within the book are her original collection of photographs with written information that gives credence to this wonderful historical treasure never before published. ISBN #978-0-9753023-6-1

20.  Johnny, My Favorite Mouse         $18.95
by Gail Nolen               (2007)
Based on a true story, this hard back book tells of the adventures Robert Andrew "Andy" Nolen enjoyed with his imaginary mice...Johnny being his favorite.  Gail Nolen relates the story from memories of her son when he was four and five years old. Enjoy Johnny and Andy as they go to school together, play in the mud, and attend church!  ISBN #978-0-9753023-7-8

21.  Moving to Grahamtown         $20.00
by Threatha Price Bennings               (2007)
Threatha has written the story of the community in which she grew up—Grahamtown—(Forest City, NC). She has gathered together stories of individuals, their struggles, their values, their skills and their spirit of sharing and giving. Threatha writes: "Each story told is true; the time period runs from 1923-1945. Times were difficult for black people. Things were simple. Many people were poor and some did not have book learning. We were finally free and our lives were better...or so we thought." ISBN #978-0-9753023-8-5

22.  Oneal's Memories         $20.00
by Oneal Jenkins                           (2007)
Set in Graham County, Oneal ‘s Memories shares one woman’s history of living into the 5th generation of mountain heritage. This is a story that tells of how families lived in Western North Carolina in a time when neighbors knew each other’s needs and went out of their way to assist one was a time when courtiers went “walking” together.   ISBN# 978-0-9753023-9-2

23.  Seizing the Moment        $19.95
by Jean Sutton Mincey & Etheree Burkett Chancellor     (2008)
Two women with years of experience in the art of cross-stitch and knowledge of the great outdoors have teamed together to share their expertise in a most unique way. Etheree Burkett Chancellor, nature photographer, "seizes the moment" by capturing 28 wildflowers of the Great Smokies with the camera, and then she and Jean Sutton Mincey, stitcher and quilter, have created designs of the wildflower photos, stitching in time the brilliant colors and shapes from the mountainsides of Appalachia so you can cross-stitch your own wildflower gardens.   ISBN# 978-0-9815702-0-4

24.  Tales from the Streets of Tampa       $19.95
by Russell Groover    (2008)
Tales from the Streets of Tampa is dedicated to the men and women of the Tampa Police Department, Past and Present. Author Russell Groover takes us through his years as a policeman...from walking the beat to retiring as a motorcycle cop in the Traffic Division of the Tampa Police Department in Florida. The book is full of stories, some funny, some touching, some almost unbelievable. 250 pages of behind the scenes adventures and everyday life of a policeman. Wonderful reading. ISBN: 978-0-9815702-1-1

25.   Precious Memories of Graham County       $19.95

by Louise Huscusson Stewart    (2008)
A descendant of the pioneers of Graham County, North Carolina, Lousie is a correspondent with the Graham Star Newspaper, who has interviewed over 100 members of the community since 2003. She lives in the house (c1899) in which she was born. She attends all the programs for and about the veterans of Graham County, and the celebrations of those whose descendants settled the area. The articles and stories within this book represent and honor the men and women who have made this country strong.  ISBN: 978-0-15702-3-5

26.  The Ladies of Madison Manor      $14.95

by Peggyann Ryan   (2008)
Meet the Ladies of Madison Manor...Their leader, Tess O'Leary always has the last word; Nell Fogarty, whose huge energy gobbles up people and news, and events; Mary Clare Mulvihill, has one foot on the planet, the other in the galaxies. Pegyann Ryan brings these characters alive through the eyes of a fourteen-year-old girl struggling to find her way in the Irish society of 1940's West Side Chicago. ISBN: 978-0-9815702-6-6

27.  Cats Without Cages      $19.95
by Harold Sims   (2008)
The story of Catman2 and a most unique one-of-a-kind sanctuary for cats written from the heart of a man who has provided more than just a home for felines...he has devoted the rest of his life to their welfare. An inspiring account of a man who was determined to bring to life a dream of providing a real home without cages for as many cats as he could. rescue This story proves that you can achieve your most heartfelt desire if you put your mind to it. A "how-to" book in building a warm and inviting sanctuary for cats.  ISBN: 978-0-9815702-5-9

28.  Cherokee Mountain     $14.95
by Kirby A. Claphan  (2008)
“Cherokee Mountain” is a book Kirby Claphan has written to read to his children, and for you to read to your children. They are stories about events in his life, and since he thinks kids should hear stories that are simple and natural...he writes about what he holds dear. Growing up in a cotton mill community in Greenwood, South Carolina, Kirby lived four houses down from his grandparents who were of Native American descent. You might say they raised him because he was always there listening to their stories of the old times and how his great grandfather caught turtles, and hunted for possums and rabbits. A genuine message of the natural side of life. Fully illustrated in color by Doreyl Ammons Cain. ISBN: 978-0-9815702-2-4

29.  Peyton Station              $14.95
by Kathy Ensley Hall (2008)
Kathy Ensley Hall is a teacher. Her heart lies with the minds and souls of her students. Her own daughter Kerry became ill with lupus and slowly lost the battle of life. She gathered all her written words, before and after the passing of her daughter, and stored them within the pages of this book. Kathy writes, " As the pages were written about Peyton Station, I read them to my students in the 6th grade. Each day they couldnt wait to hear the next stanza, the next part of the story. My students are as much a part of this book as Kerry and me." ISBN: 978-0-9815702-4-2

30.  The Artist Directory of Jackson County           $10   (2008)
Catch the Spirit oartistdirctoryf Appalachia, Inc. has partnered with the Jackson County Arts Council and the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce to compile a printed Jackson County Artist Directory. The categories in the Artist Directory are Visual Arts, Fine Art/Craft , Music, Theater, Literature, and Traditional Art/Craft. Some  examples:  under ‘Traditional Art/Craft':  Ballad Singing, Folk Dance, Folk instrumental, Heritage craft: canning, quilting, caning, storytelling, blacksmithing, etc. Under ‘Music’:  Instrumental, strings, percussion, vocal, etc. Contact information is listed for almost 200 artists. Published in 2008.

31.  Learning to Fly           $25.00
by Doreyl Ammons Cain  (2008)
Greatly inspired by the beauty, teaming wildlife and culture defining the mountains of Western North Carolina, Doreyl paints images that attempt to tell of her love for this area of the world and it's people. As a youngster, she drew birds with a stick in the sand of the dusty roads of the tree-covered mounatins, and continues drawing today...with pastels. This book contains wonderful images she has gleaned from over a lifetime of capturing the stories with strokes of pastel, and her writings about "Living in the Woods."  This is an art book that inspires! ISBN: 978-0-9815702-7-3

32.  OSCAR,  Legendary Alligator of the Okefenokee Swamp   $12.95
By Nancy McIntosh Pafford     (2009)
Oscar was a real alligator who lived in the Okefenokee Swamp and his stories are events that actually happened in the park. Nancy Pafford was asked by the Park Manager to tell the story of Oscar, this legendary alligator who had lived at the Okefenokee Swamp for years. When he passed away, the people at the park didn't want to forget him, and so the book, and also an exhibit about him will be in the park. Published in May, 2009.  ISBN: 978-0-9815702-8-3

33.  68 Seconds, To Feel Better                  $12.60
 By Kim May      (2009)
“68 Seconds” is designed as a quick reference tool—all you need to move toward alignment and begin to feel better!  Kim May is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer of 27 years. During this time she birthed her approach to living life, resulting in total wellbeing. She teaches, through decades of personal and professional experience, that which she needs to remember herself: (1) love yourself unconditionally and (2) life is meant to be balanced and joyous. Published in May, 2009.  ISBN: 978-0-9824099-0-9

34.  Return to Riverside                    $15.00
The 1970 graduating class of Riverside Indian Boarding School Speaks
By Edwina Crowe Jones        (2009)
Four decades has passed since Edwina's high school graduation from Riverside Indian Boarding School, Anadarko, Oklahoma.  Within "Return to Riverside," Edwina has written about what has transpired with fifty-nine fellow seniors, representing thirty-two American Indian tribes and fourteen states across the nation, who graduated on May 15th, 1970. She says, "I had read several books and articles about American Indian boarding schools and their impact on the respective lives of the students, their families, and their communities. I had not read any about mine, presently the oldest operating American Indian boarding school in the US Indian Service, so I collected and have written about these most important people."  ISBN: 978-0-9824099-1-5

35.  My Mountain Granny               $20.00
The Story of Evelyn Howell Beck and the Mountain Town of Whittier, NC
By Matthew Link Baker     (2009)
The story of a mountain woman from Whittier, NC, who told her life history to a college student and changed his view forever of the value and wisdom of mountain people.  He says: "Evelyn Howell Beck was one of the finest human beings one could ever meet. She allowed a young college student into her home and treated me like family.  I learned lessons that could never be taught in a classroom. There were no layers to be peeled away when meeting her.  She was a hardworking woman who lived her life by the light of faith and love of family.  I am thankful to her for memories of our friendship. She had a story to tell and my job was to write it down. It is my hope that you will enjoy her story as much as I have enjoyed writing it." ISBN: 978-0-9824099-2-3

36.  Laughter Was God's Idea         $14.95
Stories About Healing Humor
By Chaplain Jack Hinson   (2009)
Prayer and good humor are two of the strongest alternative medicines. When prayer and humor are combined, as Reverend Jack Hinson uses them, they become a powerful healing tool. He states: "This book is about LAUGHTER—GOD'S IDEA. It was His intention from the beginning to provide us with a mechanism to address the tension of existence. He knew His children, living in a pressure cooker world of demands and deadlines, would need a release valve, so He built in a handy device called laughter. How grateful I am to the Creator for dreaming up such a fun way to keep us going through hard times."   ISBN: 978-0-9824099-3-0

37. Kevin, the Helpful Vanpire Cat       $12.50
By Harold "Catman" Sims   (2009)
The story of a small tabby cat who earned the name "Kevin The Vampire Cat" when he developed a pronounced overbite and his two upper canine teeth protruded like the fangs of a vampire bat. But Kevin was never a real vampire...he was much more.  ISBN: 978-0-9824099-4-7

38. I Don't See the Monkeys      $23.95
by Kathy Collins Barber   (2010)
Early in her career, Kathy was a primary school teacher, and she always dreamed of writing books for young children.  "I Don't See the Monkeys" is Kathy's 2nd children's book.  Inspired by her grandson, This book brings the young boys words "I don't see the monkey's" alive in many ways.  ISBN: 978-0-9824099-5-4

39.  Christmas Blueberry Muffins & Elixir           $20.00
by Linda Owen Vinson (2010)
Author Linda Owen Vinson comes straight from her heart when she's telling stories. She has played Mrs. Claus for many years, and each time brings smiles to the faces of those in her audience. Within the pages of this book is her first Christmas Story...a tale of Christmas wishes that collide and produce a wonderful, delightful array of love and laughter. ISBN: 978-0-9824099-6-1

40.  The Legacy of Bear Mountain          $14.95
by Janie Mae Jones McKinley        (2010)
Stories of Old Mountain Values That Enrich Our Lives Today.
Janie Mae Jones McKinley invites you to explore your family legacy as you revisit the old days with her grandparents in The Legacy of Bear Mountain. With amazing detail, she recalls humorous and scary stories, along with Grandpa’s hard work on the railroad and Granny’s devout faith in God. ISBN: 978-0-9824099-7-8

41. Some Things I Said While Trying To Preach the Gospel       $20.00
by The Rev. Dr. Fred Werhan                    (2010)
“Daily Thoughts for Thoughtful Christians.” Offered here as daily thoughts from 23 years of trying to preach the gospel in a single congregational setting, these are not short sermon synopses, but rather some things that were said in the context of some of the sermons preached during that ministry. “I often said that I had only two sermons, one on love as what it means to be a Christian and one on freedom as what it means to be a Baptist, and that all my thoughts were variations on these two themes.” ISBN: 978-0-9824099-8-5

42. Aliens in God’s Country         $20.00   
By Edwina Crowe Jones            (2010)
“Life with the Great White Family—One Modern-day American Indian woman’s journey—her trials and tribulations, her victories”   Although based on actual people, the characters in Aliens in God’s Country are embellished composites; although based on actual happenings,  the events in Aliens in God’s Country are much exaggerated.  ISBN: 978-0-9824099-9-2

43. Little is Much                $11.99
by David W. Watkins            (2010)
From saving his pennies for Mary Jane Candy, to saving his  pennies to balance his family’s budget...He always seemed to know “little was much!” Now, David wants to share with you how to develop a financial plan that will work with your income! ISBN: 978-0-9827611-0-6

44.  RedBone Willy, The Legend    $14.95
by Roger Chapman     (2010)
Roger Chapman is a storyteller who tugs at the heart.  In RedBone Willy, The Legend, he introduces his readers to a story of a friendship between two young boys, Hunter and Alex. When Alex meets Willamina, his whole world changes, for he loves her at first sight. The reader follows Alex and Willamina in a heart warming story of love and faithfulness...and then the Civil War breaks out, and the story takes a new direction, winding up with the introduction of RedBone and Willy, his dog. A legend arises out of this intriging story of two friends, a sweetheart and a dog.  ISBN: 978-0-9827611-1-3

45.  A History of the Bible          $15.00
by Reverend Joe R Babb       (2010)
The aim of Reverend Babb’s work is to present the complicated but exciting story of the Bible’s creation. The reader may discover that it took much longer than is popularly understood. Information from both the scientific and scholarly world as well as the religious community is used to explain the writing and canonization of scripture.  ISBN: 978-0-9827611-2-0

46. Why Would You Want To Be An Undercover Cop?     $8.00

by James D. Tagliarini              (2010)
When you pick up this book, you are about to enter the world of the narcotic detectives of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) in the seventies. Here, you’ll experience stories of the Narcotic, Vice and Intelligence unit. The author tried to make the stories as factual as he  could, reliving them as he remembered the incidents. Some stories are humorous and some are tragic, but all are true. ISBN: 978-0-9827611-3-7

47.  I, Laura, The Story of a Kansas Family    $9.99
by Laura Margaret Schmid Hogan   (2010)
This is the autobiography of Laura Schmid Hogan. It tells the story of her family of 17, growing up in Eastern Kansas in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. It details American farm life before modern conveniences. Through a lifetime of heartbreak and tragedy, Laura survived and thrived, with the help of her faith and her mother's words of wisdom: "The Lord never promised life would be easy!"  See Website:    ISBN: 978-0-9827611-4-4

48.  Janie of Cherokee      $14.95

by Nancy M. Pafford        (2010)
(Third book in the series of "White Feather.")
Author Nancy M. Pafford once again takes the reader into the spirit of her characters with the ease of a storyteller. Come with her now as she tells the story of Janie of Cherokee, the great great granddaughter of "White Feather."   ISBN: 978-0-9827611-5-1

49. Kevin Tames the Bullies   $12.95
by Harold "Catman" Sims     (2011)
"Kevin Tames the Bullies" is the second book about Kevin. A third book "Kevin The Wise, Tells the History of the House Cat" will follow. "Kevin Tames the Bullies" is the story about how other cats teased and bullied him when his upper canine teeth started to protrude making him look like a vampire cat. This made Kevin very sad because he had helped these same cats adjust to life in Catman's shelter. He didn't want to attack them and fight back, that would make him a bully too. So he finds a non-violent way to solve the problem. Kevin hopes readers will learn from his experience and solve their problems in a similar manner. ISBN: 978-9827611-7-5

50.  Reader's Guide to Laughter Was God's Idea   $8.95
By Chaplain Jack Hinson       (2011)
A companion book to learn more about JOY!
For Faith Groups, Wednesday Night Services, Counseling Workshops, and more!
Laughter, joy, humor, and good cheer remain dormant in the hearts and minds of too many people.We live in tough times. We have to live with a lot of sadness. But we do not have to live sadly! We can make a joyful noise! The Reader’s Guide is a supplement to “Laughter Was God’s Idea.” It is designed to augment the principles of the healing power of humor through group interaction and personal development.It provides step-by-step instructions, discussion questions and group activities. ISBN: 978-0-9827611-8-2

51. Lillie's Smile  $18.99
by Sara Doolittle     (2011)
Lillie's Smile was inspired by Sara's memories of her maternal grandmother. It was written in the hopes of preserving Lillie's story and her heritage. The watercolor illustrations by Margo Locke beautifully capture Lillie's sweet spirit and her appreciation of family while growing up in the Appalachian Mountains. This is Sara's first picture book. ISBN: 978-0-9827611-6-8

52.  It's Not My Mountain Anymore   $20.00
by Barbara Taylor Woodall  (2011)
Barbara Taylor Woodall was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia. She graduated from Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School in 1973 and was active in the Foxfire programs. She offers first hand accounts of profound experiences and mountain living. “It’s Not My Mountain Anymore” touches in almost equal measure to all stages of Barbara's life- it’s balanced and satisfying. Her absolute authentic voice merges with moving stories that will moisten eyes and bring laughter. “The mountains I once knew are not the same. Inevitable changes both to the landscape and its inhabitants clash dramatically with cherished memories of a passing era.” ISBN:

53. (Kerry's Kaption) "Live Love"  $14.95
by Kathy Ensley Hall (2011)
Within the pages of this book, you will learn of the courage of one special young lady who inspired all of those around her as she struggled with the
disease known as “Lupus,” and of her mother who found a way to come to terms with the loss of a child. ISBN: 978-0-9827611-1-3

54. Scribbles  $20.00

by Ray Carpenter    (2011)
As you read this book, you’ll follow the story of a young boy, etched in a black-and-white photograph in bib overalls found years ago in a match box in the attic of an old house on a dirt road on Mill Creek in Graham County, North Carolina.  Ray shares his life in a tale that takes him from Graham County, to many wonders of the world, and back again. Told in prose and poetry, the details have been saved throughout his life by journal entries. You will experience his travels in "living color."  ISBN: 978-0-9837382-0-6

55.  The History of Cullowhee Baptist Church  $10   
by the History Committee and others    (2011)
The trail Jesus traveled upon leaving Nazareth was documented in history. This trail is called the "Gospel Trail" and brought the foundation of Christianity into Galilee. Jesus traveled by foot. Early pioneers to Western North Carolina traveled by foot, by horse, by wagon, looking for a new home in the wilderness of the mountains. Once the pioneers established homes, the spirit of the Christian yearned for a place of worship. Thus, in 1821, began the foundation of Cullowhee Baptist Church in Jackson County. Inside this book you wil find the history and memories of a people who persevered in following the footsteps of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. ISBN: 978-0-9837382-2-0

56.  Kevin Tells the Story of Catman2  $12.95
by Harold "Catman" Sims            (2011)
Kevin Tells the Story of Catman2 is the third book in the “Kevin” trilogy. Here Kevin shares Catman’s dreams, and tells of the creation of Catman2, the puuurfect shelter to call home. In his first book, Kevin the Helpful Vampire Cat, Catman told how Kevin learned how to be kind and helpful, and welcome new cats to the shelter. In the second book, Kevin Tames the Bullies, Catman wrote about the time some of the shelter cats became nasty and teased and bullied Kevin. The story tells how Kevin found a non-violent way to regain their friendship. Kevin has become the mascot for Catman2 Shelter, and is now the spokesman for this nonprofit organization dedicated to the welfare of cats.  ISBN:978-0-9837382-4-4

57. Said the Leaf  $20.00             
Written by Amy Ammons Garza; Illustrated by Doreyl Ammons Cain   (2011)
This book began 60 years ago in 1951, when the author was just a child riding the school bus each morning, looking at the beauty of the seasons of the mountains, and filled with emotion within it's grandeur. Years later, away from home and longing to return, she was at another beginning...learning to believe in herself as a writer...and the words of her love of the mountains birthed in her writings. She wrote the first part of the book's poem, which was published  in Skylark, the Fine Art Annual of Purdue University, while she was a student at Purdue. She, however, knew the poem was incomplete. Upon returning home to Western North Carolina, the emotions once more filled her heart, but she expressed this in becoming a storyteller, telling her stories of growing up in the mountains while her sister, Doreyl, spontaneously
illustrated the stories. In 2011, while reflecting upon her life in the mountains, the rest of the poem suddenly came in a rush, pouring like a waterfall onto her paper. And so, within this storytelling book you will find 60 years of the love of the mountains, cumulating in storytelling fashion by author and artist, the Ammons Sisters.  ISBN:978-0-9837382-3-7

58. God Will Make A Way $20.00
Written by Jean Frady        (2011)
Within this book is a blessing, for it’s the story of a mountain girl’s very reason for living. As you read of Jean’s life, you will be with her as she finds her way through the realms of tribulation to the depth of love for family, for community, and for God. In this life’s story of Jean Frady and her family, (with over 150 pictures of their lives) you will indeed come to the conclusion that God will make a way! ISBN: 978-0-9837382-7-5  

59. The Cultural Roots of the 1622 Indian Attack $16.95
Richard Pace and Chanco Save Jamestown
Written by Janie Mae Jones McKinley       (2012)
Rebelling against the pushy English culture and land-grabbing settlers, Powhatan Chief Opechancanough planned to destroy the entire British colony. However Chanco, a brave Indian boy, who had been baptized into Christianity, refused to follow his tribe’s orders to kill Richard Pace. Instead, he chose to warn his kind employer of the impending attack. In the middle of the night, Richard Pace became the Paul Revere of his century. He frantically paddled a canoe across the James River to warn the governor: “The Indians are coming!” Because of the bravery of Chanco and Richard Pace, no one died in Jamestown. Follow the story of Richard Pace who begins life in 16th century London, travels across the Atlantic to a New World, and makes his mark in the history of the United States of America.  ISBN: 978-0-9837382-5-1

60. Just Over The Hill              $20.00
Written by Victoria A. Casey McDonald      (2012)
Herewith are fascinating stories of the Black Appalachians who have made up an historic heritage in Western North Carolina. Hidden away in small communities, the stories of the black people are now emerging with teacher, author and storyteller, Victoria A. Casey McDonald. Not only has McDonald saved the stories, but she has forever placed her Western North Carolina people into human history.  ISBN: 978-0-9837382-6-8

61. The Little Crooked Christmas Tree           $14.99

Written by Robert Homer Parker     (2012)
This is the story one little tree who lived in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains--a little tree who wanted to be a Christmas tree. But then, a storm rolled across the mountains, and the little tree's dream vanished! Follow along as the Little Crooked Christmas Tree tells his own story. ISBN: 978-0-9837382-9-9

62.  Soaring on Wings of Word  $15.00
A Collection of Poems by Terry Michelsen     (2012)
Terry Michelsen knows that to write a poem, she must take her gloves off "...because bare hands do a better job" of caressing, nurturing, and digging into the reality of the world she loves, whether dog, tendril, sunlight or dreamtime. She brings a lively wit, as well as a keen attentiveness to every encounter.
...Her sonnets "from both sides of the rainbow" are in themselves worth the journey into this book. Light and shadow live here, and she brings her reader closer to both.  Review excerpt taken from Kathryn Stripling Byer, North Carolina Poet Laureate.  ISBN: 978-0-9853728-0-4.

63. O That Cat!  $10.00
Written by Pam Dengler
“O That Cat” is Pam Dengler’s first published book based on the true adventures of her cats Felix and Francis—actually, it’s the story of Felix as told by friend Francis...a precious story of curiosity that didn’t kill the cat.  ISBN: 978-0-9853728-1-1

64. The Mountains Belong to Me   $15.00
Poetic Essays Written in the Great Smoky Mountains
Written by Linda Going Dickert  (2012)
Linda’s book, The Mountains Belong to Me, is a culmination of a life time of experiences and adventures she wants to share with the world. Linda now lives in Cullowhee, NC with her husband, Kendall, one dog, Fiona, and three cats, Tigger, Dusty, and Pantha.  The book celebrates the life of Sparky, her American pit bull terrier, who died January 4th, 2012.  
ISBN: 978-0-9853728-3-5

65. Messages to my Descendents: Please Fix Our Government  $19.95
Written by Jim Staggers          (2012)
A retired Chief Operating Officer has been motivated by the Washington D.C. gridlock to offer his "food for thought" solutions. Jim Staggers has been writing his messages for seven years. As V.P. and C.O.O. of APL Corporation, Jim's experiences in business management are described and utilized in presenting his concerns in this book. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburg with a B.S. in Chemistry, and attended Syracuse University to study finance and business management.  ISBN: 978-0-9853728-4-2

66. Raging River   $15.00
A Book of Dramatic Writings: Prose, Poetry & Short Stories
Written by Terry Michelsen   (2012)
The author writes: What if you knew something you could not explain or define was wrong with the world you lived in? What if you were witness to, or a victim of, violence and saw this violence on the news during dinner? What if you were a child and didn't know what to do?  Terry's writings are organized in parts each beginning with a memoir, then a poem, followed by a story...all based on a childhood filled with violence she could not do anything about.
ISBN: 978-09853728-5-9

67. Images of A Marriage        $30.00
Written by Sophia V. Brooks    (2012)

Each personal story hidden between these covers reveals the depth and richness of a marriage over time through seasons of a life shared during challenge and celebration. The author writes:  “You, my reader will be invited behind closed doors to listen as husbands and wives engage in the work of mending and repair, weaving together the fabric of their lives. With a backdrop of poems and exquisite photographs the author entices you to continue your journey together through God’s empowering comfort and grace.”  
ISBN:  978-09853728-2-8

68.  The Bouncing Soccer Ball         $21.95   
Written by Gail Nolen      (2013)
This book is dedicated to all the children who love soccer. It is a story about the author’s son, Chris, who began playing the game at the age of five and immediately fell in love with the sport. His whole heart and soul went into each game. His dream was to someday play professionally. Graduating from USF, Tampa, he achieved that dream by playing professional soccer for several teams. He is now a coach.
ISBN: 978-0-9837382-8-2

69.  The House of Rose         $15.95   

by Nita Welch Owenby      (2013)
“The House of Rose” is about the life of a young girl, Valee Rose, who is abused at age 14 and finds herself without a family.  As readers follow her life and the many struggles she faces, they will identify with her as she dreams for a better time and place for those in her care.  With a great deal of determination, Valee faces her problems, reaching out to others, learning nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.  
 ISBN:  978-09853728-6-6

70.  The Owl Knows        $16.95
An Appalachian Trail Mystery    
Written by Roy Owenby              (2013)
 The novel, a work of fiction based on true similar events, successfully blends mystery, friendship and love through a mixture of desperate events that culminate in an exciting finish.  It is a must read for joggers, hikers and trail buffs who can and should learn to protect themselves in the outdoors.   ISBN:  978-09853728-7-3

71.  Laur
a of Cataloochee             $15.95   
Written by Freida Ponder        (2013)
Laura of Catalo
ochee, a work of fiction, takes you back to 1910, to a time when Laura was a child, and follows her life through the loss of her mother, loss of her father, and the warmth of living with her grandmother, Grace. A book steeped in the drama of living in the mountains of Cataloochee, leaving her home in sorrow and then returning in 1987 as a grandmother.  The story gives a keen insight to her youthful adventures with a young boy, Billy, and then sweeps you into the budding of their romance as they grow into adulthood. ISBN: 978-0-9837328-8-0


72.  Under the Light of Darkness     $19.95   
Written by Victoria A. Casey McDonald      (2013)
With this, her third book, Victoria once again has given the reader an insight seldom seen of the Black roots of Appalachia. She says:  My great-great grandmother Martha and her daughter Amanda were both slaves of the renown white Principle Chief of the Cherokee, William Holland Thomas (in the 1840s and 50s). This book “Under the Light of Darkness,” is a historic fictional account of my great-grandparents’ romance. It is an attempt to share with the reader that a slave’s life was never his/her own...for a slave worked from sunrise to sunset.  Only after dark was a slave’s life his/her own. Hence, this book relates the events of the slaveholder with the slave’s life being the main objective.  ISBN:  978-0-9853728-9-7

73.  Birds of Spirit                $15.95
A Novel of Intrigue    
Written by Terry Michelsen     (2013)
The novel, Birds of Spirit, takes you into the mountains of western North Carolina, and spins its intrigue with a group of people who do the most astonishing things, and then leaves the reader guessing as to exactly what is going to happen next. The reader developes a relationship with the main characters, and especially with the ghosts who appear usually at the end of a chapter to give their opinions of the current lifestyle their descendants are developing on earth...or argue with one another.   ISBN:  978-0-9895694-5-3

74.  Going Home—Living in Green Pastures                $20.00
A Tribute to Reverend Cecil M. Frady  
Written by Jean Frady (2013)
In this, Jean's second book, she is sharing her tribute to a husband and minister who was not only God’s man, but the people’s man...a man who loved above all else.  ISBN:  978-0-9895694-6-0

75.  Come Walk With Me                $14.95
To Places Beyond Time 
Written by Patricia Byrd Shamrock  (2013)
For years, Pat has written “poems,” starting in college and continuing on as she wrote most of the cards to her
family, and expressed her thoughts in journals.  Some of the poems were written in bible studies, some on the back of church bulletins, some in the middle of the night!  Blessing her readers with words of hope and encouragement, and prayers of praise or supplication, in this book Pat Shamrock invites everyone to come walk with her to places beyond time.  ISBN:  978-0-9895694-7-7

76. Softening Shadows                $14.95
Written by Patricia Byrd Shamrock  (2013)
With this book of poetry and photography, Softening Shadows, the invitation is to come...“sit softly” beside Pat, as she navigates your life’s softening shadows with the realization that there is always light beyond the shadows. "My hope is that somehow my words will be a blessing to those who read them,” she says. “They are the words of my heart.”   ISBN:  978-0-9895694-8-4

77. Nevaeh Rises               $12.95
A Story of Resurrection
Written by Kat Ensley Hall  (2013)
Full of sensitivity and insight, this book will invite you into the world of a Cherokee family who overcomes struggles to find happiness and peace while using their gifts and talents to help their community.  The plot, also ends with some fascinating twists. The story of Nevaeh chronicles the author's own journey to resurrection with honesty and fortitude, through creativity and independence. You will be inspired to enter her world and rise!
ISBN:  978-0-9895694-9-1

78.  If Af
ter You Are Gone    $20.00
Written by Terry Michelsen (2014)
Herewith are poems written from the heart, sometimes bearing the soul of the author, testifing to her concern for the envir
onment, humanity and the quality of life for all people,including herself and those she loves.  ISBN # 978-0-9913803-0-5

79. 18 L
etters                $15.00
Three First Names...Really, Mom?
Written by Rebecca Louise Whitmire Fowler   (2014)
Written fr
om the perspective of a child, the book “ 18 Letters” demonstrates the frustration of the child as he learns how to spell his name. However, by the time the book concludes, the child has learned the importance of his name, for it represents generations of his heritage.

80. Blue Ridge Mountain Heritage   $16.95
 A Caricature of Southern Appalachian Life
Written by
Roy Owenby (2014)
In this book o
f short stories author Roy Owenby is taking you down the highways and byways of the Appalachian Mountains. With insight stemming from a man who has traveled thousands of miles throughout the South, collecting stories and committing them to paper, you will enjoy the people he meets.  The stories are often funny, sometimes touching, occasionally poignant, never disappointing and always appealing.  Within “Blue Ridge Mountain Heritage,” you will enjoy over sixty original stories that portray the soul of Appalachia, written from one who was born and raised an Appalachian.  

81. Beesch    $20.00
A Story of the Destiny of Honey Bees
Written by Ray Carpenter  (2014)
This is the story of Allie and Callie, identical twin female worker honey
bees—a story that is interlaced with a narrator storyteller who shares the story
of the honey bee, its hive, and its environment. Within this book, you will
understand some of the reasons the honey bee is mysteriously disappearing—
a “mystery” that has provoked much human thought and concern.
ISBN No. 978-0-9913803-5-0

82. In the Silence of a Smile  $14.95
Poems and Photography by Patricia Byrd Shamrock  (2014)
Again, in her fifth book of poetry and photography, Pat Shamrock lifts us up! We travel with her around the south as she seeks and finds majestic old churches to photograph and showcase with her poetry. Each word, each phrase, each image shares with her readers the devotion to the Christian values depicted in her own smile. With this book, take a trip through the hills and valleys of beautiful countrysides and allow yourself to receive the sweetness of uplifting poetry to warm your spirit.  ISBN No. 978-0-9913803-6-7

83.  Small Red Morning Glory  $18.00
Poetry by Terry Michelsen   (2014)
This is Terry’s third book of poetry.  In “Small Red Morning Glory,” Terry shares her innermost thoughts on the environment, on family, on humanity, on God, and other important parts of her life.  ISBN No. 978-0-9913803-7-4


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