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Mountain Storytelling & Spontaneous Visual Art

Dance, Song, and the "Canhouse Band"

“Heritage ALIVE!”
Stories of the Scotch-Irish Heritage of Southern Appalachia come alive through music, dance & song, mountain storytelling, a colorful mural created before your eyes with a fun-filled Canhouse Band!

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The Ammons Sisters present “Heritage Alive,” a unified presentation through Storytelling and Spontaneous Artwork that exemplifies the left (speaks with words) and right brain (speaks with pictures), as we bring our mountain heritage alive for our audiences K-12. With 27 years of experience, we have performed throughout the South, and just about anywhere within the school environment—stage, gym floor, playground, class room, media center...even in hallways for smaller audiences. Our stories stem from our own childhood within the Scotch-Irish heritage of Western North Carolina and 7 generations of family stories passed down.

Along with storytelling and spontaneous visual art, the performance includes music and song with interactive dance and the fun-filled Canhouse Band. Included within the storytelling is the touching poem “I Ain’t Nobody,” and it’s inspirational reprisal “I Am Somebody!” Time is provided for the students and teachers to carry the stories away for future reflection with “autograph time,” an opportunity to purchase our books and art prints (great for Author’s Day, Visual Art Day or Heritage Day).

 (1 hour entertainment)
Negotiable for more than one performance in reasonable time frame

Facilities:           Auditorium or gym floor; sound system,
                          microphone, tables for books & art prints
Availability:        Flexible--year round
Amy Ammons Garza or  Doreyl Ammons Cain
Phones:             828-631-4587 or 
Email:                The Ammons Sisters

Residences and Workshops:
Bringing Reading Alive! Through Art and Storytelling 
Although the program can benefit any audience,  for the best results scholastically,  this residency is slated for 4th - 6th grade students and/or the teachers who teach them.  An experience where participants discover that everyone is creative and has special talents and unique heritage, this workshop is based on the right and left brain concept--right being the feeling side, speaking with pictures; and left being the structural side, speaking with words.  A balance between the two sides creates harmony, and participation encourages increased self-confidence, which in turn affects increased scholastical performance. To save setup time, each class is held in centralized area such as a media center where students can be brought.

A. Residency 
“Word Pictures & Picture Words” -- Bringing Reading Alive! Through Art and Storytelling. The daily workshops outlined below scheduled into:     
            4-Day Residency: 3 classes per day—
            Plus Performance on 5th day
            Daily workshops are 45 - 60 Minutes each
            30 students each class
                       Total workshop & performance for 5-days 
                        Art supplies furnished by school
                        Fees can be negotiated

B. Workshops                  
    Day    1. Opening Doors to Creativity--Point of view, participation
    Day    2. Storytelling based on Heritage--Hands on Creative Writing   
    Day    3. Left Brain/Right Brain & Achieving Balance--Demonstration
    Day    4. Spontaneous Visual Artwork-–Hands on Artwork              
    Day    5. Celebration Presentation by the Ammons Sisters
                    to school body in auditorium   
  These daily workshops can be performed independently at less cost.

(1)  Preferable: The beginning exercises in the workbook, "Catch the Spirit of Creativity,"  by Amy Ammons Garza and Doreyl Ammons Cain, are offered to be used in conjunction with all the creativity exercises throughout the residency.   The workbook purchased in workshop quantity from the workshop leaders is priced at $2 per book. 

Also used in workshop is the storytelling book “Matchbox Mountain.” Purchase price $7.

(Note:  a suggestion--the parents or the Parents/Teachers Association could purchase these books for the children/or the cost could be shared.  The workbook is designed to last a lifetime.)

Contact:             Amy Ammons Garza or  Doreyl Ammons Cain
Phones:             828-631-4587 or 
Email:                The Ammons Sisters

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